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Latest from the Blog

Cheat Nature with Season Extension

Late winter and early spring are some of my favorite times. The air is crisp and fresh like no other time and you can almost feel life being breathed back into the earth and sky. As the days get noticeably longer and the warmth of the sun can again be felt on your skin again,…

Spring 2021 Supply Concerns

The busy spring season is always a flurry of activity and a mad dash to get everyone their growing supplies in time for the beginning of the growing season. Every year we and others in our industry make preparations to avoid stock outs and long turnaround times, and every year we all seem to take…

Gardening 101: Garden Planning Pt. 2

The days are getting longer (if not warmer) and even though the snow is still flying all across the country, it’s high-time to begin the real work of gardening! We’ve already covered our favorite seed catalogs and some new and existing garden considerations. Now it’s time to get into the nitty-gritty details and start putting…

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