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Garden 101 Series: Garden Planning Pt. 1

Whether you’re starting your first garden or your fiftieth, and no matter if it’s a couple pots on a sunny windowsill or a permaculture food forest, garden planning is an essential step in making garden success more likely. Planning can involve a number of different things depending on you, your garden, and your experience. From…

Top 5 Seed Catalogs to Help You Plan Your Dream Garden

January is our favorite month to begin thumbing through the catalogs and dreaming of exotic new fruits and vegetables to place in our plots, so to help all our growers (maybe) avoid a little bit of that madness, we’ve compiled some of our favorite seed catalogs to browse.

Water, Water Everywhere

Setting up an automatic irrigation system for your medium to large garden Water is perhaps the most critical ingredient for life as we know it, and perhaps no where is that more apparent than in the garden. No matter where you live, there are bound to be times of year when nature doesn’t cooperate and…

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