Water, Water Everywhere

Setting up an automatic irrigation system for your medium to large garden Water is perhaps the most critical ingredient for life as we know it, and perhaps no where is…

Video: Lockdown Diaries Week One

On Friday March 13, 2020 Illinois became one of the first states to announce school closings because of COVID-19. The closings would begin March 17th, which was the following Tuesday.…

Boy standing in the garden

Tips from a Gardener’s Garden

Here are just a few tips that have been passed down by a family member, a neighbor or just the local busybody. Feel free to try these tips from a gardener’s garden!

Plants in trays in a greenhouse

Gardening Terms Everyone Should Know

We probably don’t think twice when we see or hear gardening terms. Recently I was at a local nursery when I had a complete stranger ask me if I knew what perlite was. I did, so I told them and they went on their way. But this got me thinking. Terms I might think of as common knowledge may not be so common after all.

Herbs and spices on spoons.

Caring for Windowsill Herbs

We all have seen the pots of herbs in the grocery store and seen plenty of pictures of herbs sitting pretty on a windowsill, but do herbs really thrive inside?…

Cool macro shot of seedlings coming up in a jiffy tray

10 Things You Need for Successful Seed Starting

We’ve put together the top 10 things every gardener needs to embark on their seed starting adventure, all wrapped up in a neat little blog post. Look through the list seed starting supplies, find out what you need, and go get started.

Close up of person holding zucchini

Gardening Just Became Essential

I have a confession to make. After almost a decade of gleefully working the garden in the spring, only to be disappointed in the fall when the garden was overrun…

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