Video: Lockdown Diaries Week One

Follow along with us as the COVID-19 outbreak unfolds and see what some of us are up to while we’re sheltering-at-home.

On Friday March 13, 2020 Illinois became one of the first states to announce school closings because of COVID-19. The closings would begin March 17th, which was the following Tuesday. However, the COVID situation developed so rapidly that the shutdown began on Monday the 16th, with the closure of restaurants and other public places and the issuance of a shelter-in-place order to begin March 18th. By official executive decree, the majority of Illinoisans were ordered to stay at home unless performing an essential job or obtaining groceries and other supplies. Other states quickly began doing the same, and here we are over a week later with three-quarters of Americans under some kind of restriction from free movement in public spaces, and strong advisement to keep physical distance from anyone else except members of the same household.

It’s been rough, though not as rough on me personally as some others perhaps. My family and I have always structered our lives in a way that matches the type of life one must lead under these extraordinary times. No where near doomsday preppers, I’d be lying if I said somewhere in the recesses of my mind I wasn’t low-key preparing for this pandemic with many of my major life decisions over the past few years. I feel pretty good about every single one of those decisions.

There is one I regret though, and that’s letting the garden slip. So, with my shelter at home time I decided to take all the idle video equipment sitting around Greenhouse Megastore and shoot some video of some projects I’ve always wanted to do around my home. That includes getting the garden back in to shape, among other things. Follow along as I go through life over the next few weeks and document what I’m up to, my thoughts on the world falling apart, and how Greenhouse Megastore can help you get your #covictory garden up and running this spring.

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