Bernadette Fox


My name is Bernadette and I am a farmer and gardener in the beautiful state of Michigan. I have been a great lover of the outdoors for as long as I could walk and have been fruit and vegetable farming for longer than that! Well, at least I remember crawling around and testing (rather tasting) the soil's PH. (I remember strawberry soil being relatively palatable. :) I spend most of the year working on our 65 acre farm ( and selling the produce at our own roadside market located right on the farm. We have orchards and fields of many, many different kinds of vegetables and fruits including apples, peaches, sweet corn, tomatoes, and watermelon. Another crop we grow is hard shell gourds, which plays a big part in my life since they began my career in gourd art. Dried gourds are like canvases where I am able to make anything I can imagine. I sell my art locally and over the internet as well as teach others the world of gourding through writing and videos. Visit my website: You may think I would be tired of working the soil, caring for plants, harvesting and selling produce, but I love to spend my spare time working in my flower garden. My garden is located a mile and a half from our farm on top of a sandy hill in a lush woods overlooking beautiful Pickeral Lake. I start most of my plants from seed, cuttings and layerings and find this to be very rewarding. Most of my flower gardening knowledge comes from self-study, research, and hands-on experience. I am a self proclaimed budding horticulturalist who is ever ready to learn new things, try out experiments, explore the many fields of gardening, and to share my passion and experiences with all my flower buds!

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